Media Bit Software SRL / Smilemedia DEMO

4 May 2020 by admin

Media Bit Software is an active, modern media group with an integrated and diversified value creation chain. The enterprise operates with success in the Newspaper Publishers industry:

Adblock Strategy – is using Criteo which is able to bypass Adblock Plus, it seems this solution is “Acceptable Ads” operated by Eyeo GMBH which owns Adblock Plus.

Unfortunately this solution only works on Adblock Plus and doesn’t work with the other Adblockers of the market such as uBlock, Adguard, Chrome/Safari native Adblocking, and other Adblocking Software.

Yavli Advertising

– Complementary to your existing solutions
– Native advertising is respectful of the user experience
– Maximize your revenues on 100% of your Adblock traffic
– You can remove Yavli whenever you want
– 7/7 customer support with a passionated team
– A dedicated platform to track your statistics and performance
– Ability to choose the ads and customize the advertising format

Customer Success – is using Yavli Advertising since February 2020 with great results :

– 760 000 page views per month (100% Adblock)
– 19 220 clicks per month
– 3,36% Clicks per page view (Click through rate)
$110 Ad Click RPM (per 1000 clicks)
$11 CPM

They decided to place the native ads on the top left side of the pages and also below the articles :