The new Built-in Firefox Ad blocker

9 May 2020 by admin

The end of the traditional Adblock browser plug-in is coming, we are living a new era. Web browsers are now offering their own Adblock solution.

3 levels of browser privacy

firefox adblock

Standard mode block almost all the ads while you visit a website, including analytics tools such as Google analytics.

Strict mode is much more efficient and will block 99,9% of your ads and cookies such as Google Adsense, Video monetization, Retargeting features (Criteo), etc.

Do-it-yourself Custom mode

firefox adblock

A mode is available to let the users setup their own browser privacy choosing the features they want to activate.

How to monetize Firefox Adblock traffic ?

Yavli is the only one reliable solution to achieve it. We will support you during these uncertain times with our technology. Traditional Ad-blockers such as Adblock and Adblock Plus will disappear, and will be replaced by bult-in Ad-blockers. They will be automatically available for the users which means a cut in revenue stream.

Yavli uses native advertising and is considered as the most respectful for the user experience. No more annoying ads.